Think Big Data. Think HiFX.

At HiFX, we understand the pain of owning an enormous amount of disparate data without any actionable insights.

The large and complex data amassed through various sources in structured and unstructured form hold significant business insights that are relevant to the successful growth of organisations of every size. Translate these petabytes of data into real-time insights to enhance your business tactics and drive up your organisation’s revenue with HiFX team of strategic consultants. We deliver solutions that will transform your organization into a data-driven powerhouse.

HiFX team is skilled in identifying opportunities and developing business specific strategies to revolutionize the way you do business.


Our scalable data collection infrastructure collects, enhances, and streams real-time data to your warehouse in less than a minute. Our streaming data pipeline consists of

1. Data Trackers and Collectors
Leverage trackers and collectors developed using JavaScript,Java,Go and native SDK’s for Android & iOS, to collect data from all your properties and mobile apps. Our proven distributed, scalable infrastructure ensures every event is captured reliably.

2. Enrichers
As user driven events arrive, we automatically enrich them, adding attributes like device type, geographic region among others. We deliver the enriched events in real-time to a well governed data lake.

3. Connectors and Analyzers
You can use the raw data in the data lake or integrate them with Redshift,Druid, Elastic Search or other tools using our open source recipes. You now own a clean, structured, first-party data source that your team can analyse directly.


Our Data Lake as a service enables organizations to define, design, and develop the capabilities of dealing with data of any size, shape, and speed. We help our clients empower their developers, data scientists, and analysts with the right tools to leverage petabytes of data.Our Data Lakes offering helps you with:

  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Prototyping & Tool Evaluation
  • Data Integration adapters, access & services
  • Construction & Go-Live Enablement
Architecting Data Lake on AWS by the Data Engineering Team at HiFX IT

Our data analytics practice is built on our proven expertise in designing and developing scalable data pipelines, data lakes, recommendation engines, predictive analytics and custom reporting. Various business units in organisations are already benefiting our data analytics practice.
Read our case study published by AWS.

Our Expertise

Connecting dozens of data streams & repositories to a unified data pipeline for near to real-time access

Developing a well governed data lake to store raw and transformed/enriched data thereby eliminating storage silos.

Processing data in streams or batches to aid analytics and machine learning with smart workflow management.

Engineering well designed big data stores for reporting and exploratory analysis.

Offering recommendations and predictive forecasting powered by machine learning.

Creating dynamic dashboards and stunning visualizations that drives insights.


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