We are passionate about your Digital Excellence!

HiFX expert digital user experience strategies and applications to extend your reach and user engagement

At HiFX, we understand that mobile applications are vital to your digital presence. With more than a decade’s experience in engineering applications for smart phones and mobiles spanning millions of active users, our team of analysts and engineers can help identify the challenges unique to your digital roadmap and develop strategies to improve customer experience and engagement which transforms to increase in revenue.

HiFX has experience in engineering custom applications on the popular mobile platforms - iOS and Android across several industry verticals.


With our proven research techniques and expertise built on our decade of experience, we provide insights that are beneficial to develop a competent strategy to benefit in the mobile space, be it in identifying the right technologies/libraries, structuring the applications, preparing the optimum user journeys within the applications and formalizing the roll out plans.


We work in a customer centric environment to deliver applications of the highest quality. We build apps that have rich UI/UX making it user-friendly. Our team incorporates innovation and research to make sure that the apps offers the best customer experience.


HiFX developers are trained to write code of highest quality. Our experience working with applications used my millions of active users have helped us set a bench mark to target 99.9% crash free experience for your customers on your mobile applications. Applications are tested with automated scripts and in certain cases manually to verify the various business scenarios to ensure no compromise on user engagement.